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Feed a reader


Hold on! I’m not going to preach about daily reading … not now. I just want to introduce you to two concepts a person your age is supposed to be familiar with: “feed” and “reader”.

Right now I’m writing in my blog. Every time I write, I add new content to it. Thus I produce a “feed” for my readers – a bite of wisdom a day keeps failure away.

You might develop the habit of checking my blog for new content every day, ok, but if you want to keep an eye on several blogs / websites for updates, you’d better subscribe to them and have them delivered to you the moment they are published.

When you want to check if you have mail from your friends / college admission officers, you don’t go to their mailboxes to check if they have sent something to you; you check only your own mailbox. Similarly, you could have the same for the “feed” from your friends’ blogs / new articles from your favourite online media, etc.

How do you subscribe to a feed? The most popular symbol representing a feed is the one you can see above the text. Look for it on your favourite websites. You need to click on it and copy the URL from the browser.

You also need a “reader” – it’s a tool designed to receive the feeds you have subscribed to – just like your mailbox is designed to receive the letters from your friends.

There is a variety of readers. Some might be installed on your computer, but others could be used online, reached from any computer via the Internet.

I have tried some, and I find Google Reader the most convenient. Most subscriptions could be done even without finding the feed symbol – just by pasting the URL of the blog into a box. I have it in my Gmail account. You don’t know what Gmail is? Well, why not find out?

Besides, I could share with you selected pieces. My shared items could make one of your feeds. Instead of adding all your classmates’ blogs to your reader, you might subscribe to one of my feeds, featuring the best pieces from all my students’ blogs. Look for the feed sign in my blog.

Well, that’s just a rudimentary intro. You could find out the rest on your own. Still, I might be willing to answer some questions too.


our blogs 3

Would you like to read the latest post we have written? There are two ways to do it:

1. Look at the COOLEDGE category and click on “latest from our blogs”


2. Look at the top right corner, just below my photo. There’s an orange square and a link “FROM OUR BLOGS”

Try both and see which format seems more beautiful to you 🙂

Right now you can see just a few posts I have picked to create a demo. The more you write, the more texts there will be 🙂

If you don’t feel like checking out everyone’s blog for new texts, use these links. You’ll be getting the news as soon as I get them 🙂

UPDATE: use option 1; there’s some problem with the other 😦

our blogs 2

Yesterday a student said he would never write in his blog again because it is only I who seems to be reading it 😦

If you write more often, and if you read other people’s blogs and comment more often, we could make a real community.

To make things easier for you, I have made some changes here:

– deleted some links to blog which nobody seems to be using

– kept some old blogs in which people used to write interesting things

– moved all current students’ blogs to the new category “CURRENT STUDENTS” – here is where you can find your writing classmates

– in “STUDENTS” you can find blogs belonging to my students who graduated from high school (some are at college now, so you can see the name of the college), some students I just happen to know, a student I don’t know, my students who are graduating this year

If you wish a link to your new or revived blog to be added to by blogroll, please, paste your URL as a comment 🙂

our blogs

some are active, so you might wish to read them

some are not, so you might ask me to delete them from the blogroll if you have forgotten your passwords

some are not added to the blogroll – could you paste the addresses if you want me to add links to them here?

I left the other job, so now I will have more time to read your blogs and write here, so let’s blog 🙂

my gift for you, my hero

Here is a new blog. Many people helped create it for you. You are someone’s hero. Help him find the hero in himself.


i wonder why most students are not keen on writing in their blogs. do they find it useless?!?

ooops! stupid i am!


I  failed to tell everyone to send me a link to his blog, so that I could add links to all blogs, so that you can add links to your group members’ blogs or … any cooledge student blog. So please, paste your blog’s url (address) as a comment to this message. Thanx!