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Can you get into business / law / medical / education graduate school after liberal arts?




I envy Dimitar who’s going to Santa Fe to become a student at my favourite college Saint John’s.

For many people it’s really hard to choose a career. They explore all their passions only to find out that so far they have given up too many of them because they’ve grown bored. These people are afraid of making a firm decision as they might actually mistake what is to become a nuisance for the passion of their lives.

I do not think people should fret about that, especially if they’re going to liberal arts colleges, and even if they are not.

First, they should realize that it’s not only they who are changing all the time, that constant changing is not a fault but universal reality. So, people, embrace change and celebrate it. The world is changing, and if you’re not changing with it, then you might be in trouble. You should be prepared for lifelong learning to cope in an ever-changing world.

Second, when planning for their education, they should avoid attending college with the single idea of training for a specific career. Even if they’re being coached for a career they are keen on right now, they should not perceive this as the only thing they should be doing. They should realize that this is just a part of education, so they should supply the rest from other sources.

If I had focused solely on what people believe I am supposed to do with a degree in English and Bulgarian, then I would still be teaching at school and translating some stupid texts to earn the rest of the money I need to survive. You all know that I am doing neither of these.

I’ll be 36 soon, but I know that tomorrow I won’t be doing what I am doing now. I don’t know what I’ll be up to next year, in five years. I might become a medicine woman or run for the president (on the Lyd – Radina ticket). I might be doing a master degree in Eastern Studies / Liberal Arts at Saint John’s College or on in Social Enterprise at Cambridge. I might be a Feng Shui designer or a carpenter. I might be a writer or a publisher. I might be sweeping floors at Oxford or cooking meals as a happy housewife. I could become a school teacher again or a nun in Tibet. I could be the Minister of Education or a private business consultant. I could be running my own business empire or saving the world, or both. How could I possibly know?

I believe that good education is what prepares you for the transitions in your life. If you start getting it and never stop, then you’ll never feel as if you’ve made the wrong choice. You’ll be happily making choices every day.